We’re told that more memories are evoked by way of music and smell than any other … though we’d of course argue that Once Upon a Time in The ’70s could now also be considered a decent shout!

While we work on the development of our next project, a ‘scratch and sniff’ blog, Paul and I have decided to expand the concept of sharing memories from The Seventies, by focusing on Music, in the form of our new blog, 70s Music (70smusic.co.uk )

That’s music of all genres from the decade; from general Chart Pop music, to Soul / Funk & Disco, passing through Classic Rock; Punk; Underground and Progressive music; Glam; Yacht; Singer / Songwriter; Reggae, Ska & Two Tone; Country Rock / Southern Rock.

The lot!

This idea was prompted by the increasing volume of music based posts here on Once Upon a Time in The ’70s. Some of those posts have been reproduced to the new blog, but there are also many new articles for your nostalgic pleasure.

Don’t worry though, we fully intend to keep writing and accepting pieces for Once Upon a Time in The ’70s which will remain open.

70s Music, the blog, will launch tomorrow, Friday 23rd September 2022.

It would be wonderful if you could pop over for a look – we’re pretty sure you’ll return!

Social media links have already been set up for the new blog. We’d love to see you there too. Oh, yeah – and please do tell your friends where to find us.




(PINTEREST will be added over the next few days)

Paul and I are sure 70s Music will trigger many happy memories from The ’70s and possibly even lead you to discover some sounds that passed you by at the time.

Have fun!



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