George Cheyne

George will always be thankful he never heeded his career officer’s advice to “go for something in the yards or in teaching” – but not as thankful as the employers in the yards and the teaching profession!
He somehow carved out a career for himself in journalism, working for a string of local, regional and national newspapers.

In between his time as a failed footballer and his days as a failed tennis player, George was appointed Sports Editor of the Sunday Mail in 1995 – a job he held for 21 years.
He still works in national newspapers as a sub-editor and says that Once Upon A Time In The ’70s is the only blog he’s ever wanted to write for.
A mad-keen – some would say just mad – foot soldier in the Tartan Army, George has been to three World Cups and two Euro Championships and is still waiting on Scotland turning up.
He is married to Karen, has four children – Robbie, Callum, Fraser and Lucy – a grandson Jay and lives in Scotstoun-by-the-sea in Glasgow

Memories from growing up in The Seventies

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