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The Future Was Bright

Russ Stewart: London, April 2021

Future perspectives from the 70s ;  

The early 70s vision ;  jet packs and unlimited leisure.  

By late 70s the future view was dystopian. 
Old people ( i.e.  us) processed into handy little green, nutritious pellets, to satisfy the cravings of peckish millennials.

I was mesmerised by the 1968 film “2001 A Space Odyssey”. 
Jupiter beckoned as the spaceship ‘s passive, jogging pilots feasted on liquefied bubble and squeak  whilst an ungrateful, sentient computer plotted their ejection into the void.

The film reflected a common futuristic theme of the time ;  exponential extrapolation of transportation capabilities.  

In 1918 the Red Baron was smiting his enemies from his biplane.

By 1969 US astronauts were flouncing about on the moon (or on a back lot at a Burbank studio?).

It was not until the 90s that writers’ imaginations cottoned onto the trend of diminishing marginal improvements in transportation being eclipsed by the massive improvements in information technology. 

The Matrix and Minority Report  come to mind.

Consider : there is far more computing power in your phone than in the command module of Apollo 11.

Prophets and not for Prophets :

Alvin Toffler wrote “Future Shock”. 

Waves of desperate sub-Saharan Africans stormed Europe. 

The film “The Andromeda Strain” featured pandemic woes.

70s groovers Tower of Power performed “There is Only so Much Oil in the Ground”…..They advised : “you can’t cut loose without that juice” over Francis Rocco Prestia’s  16th note bass-line.   

How wrong. 
There is more oil than we can safely burn.  However the bass-line endures.

2020s : dystopian view prevails. 

The late Stephen Hawking saw advances in quantum computing delivering a threat of artificial intelligence, superior to human capabilities.

Machines  with consciousness.
Supermarket trolley extrapolation…. 

The preposterous Canadian premier, Justin Trudeau, gained plaudits for his lay explanation of Quantum Computing. 
“A bit has two states, 0 and 1. A quantum bit has multiple states. Hence more computational power”.   

His explanation of car mechanics?  “you put petrol at the back and turn a key at the front and it goes faster than a bicycle”.  
Maybe Hawking will be proved right.

Maybe everyone was and will be right?  All futures exist?   

Somewhere  a cat is musing a thought experiment “Schrodinger’s Man”.

Quantum theory has given us the many worlds and multiple universe concepts as mathematically feasible explanations for the collapse of the wave function when sub- atomic particles are subject to measurement.   

This could mean that, in parallel realities, you are the president of USA and commute to the Oval Office  by jet pack, whilst in another, you are a little green pellet in a lunchbox.

future schlock

(Post by John Allan, from Bridgetown, Western Australia –April 2021)

The Jetsons

“Good morning Adam 142021, I trust you slept well.”


“It is 7.33am on Thursday April 1 2070. The weather forecast is a high of 55° Celsius with 150 kph sandstorms. It remains at 24° in The Dome.”

“Can’t you let me have a few more minutes Corsilexa ?”

“3 minutes snooze time has already expired. Please rise and make your way to the ablution pod.”

“You’re not my mum you know !”

“I know. Your mother is INSEM batch #2058.”

“You can be a real pain in the neck sometimes!”

“If experiencing any pain or irritation around your insertion site I can arrange consultation with a BOTDOC.”

“I was being sarcastic.”

“SARCAST download not available until you reach 16 years of age.”

“Don’t I know it!”

“AUTOHOV will arrive at 8.45am to transport you to the BEARSDENACADEMIADOME”

“You mean the Bearacado. Get with it Corsilexa.”


“Another boring school day. Hmmph ! Entertain me Corsilexa.”

“This site from the archives may amuse you. It’s called Onceopenatimeinthe70s.com”

“Sounds pretty lame. Put it up on 3DiO.”

“Not formatted for 3DiO. Audio and images available only. It is nearly half a century old. It’s a blog written by 50 and 60 year olds about their experiences in the 1970s.”

“Look at these weird names. Paul Fitzpatrick, Colin Jackson, Alan Fairley, Andrea Grace Burn, George Cheyne, John Allan, Russ Stewart.”

“That was how your ancestors were addressed in those days. One of these people could well be your great, great, great, grandparent !”

“And who are Marc Bolan, Rory Gallagher, Sweet, Deep Purple and Jethro Tull ?”

“These were popular musical artists of the time.”

“Didn’t they just mood select on their SPOTIFACATORS for 3 minutes of personalised muzak ?

“No. These artists sang their own songs accompanied by primitive instruments like guitar and drums.”

“Really ?”

“These were then recorded on varying mediums such as vinyl, encased magnetic tapes and round discs.”

“I think Eve 212021’s wind chimes are made up of something like that.”

“These were highly regarded and coveted by devotees of the time.”

“And what’s with all these funny costumes, loon pants and platform shoes ?”

“Before the introduction of The Layer, which I will change to school uniform mode shortly, teenagers of the times would put these strange outfits on and off, sometimes several times a day in the name of ‘fashion’.”

“Look at that one. Is it a clown ?”

“I think you’ll find that is a Ben Sherman shirt, covered by a striped tank top under an Afghan coat.”

“Hamburgers. Fish ‘n’ chips. What’s all that about ?”

“100 years ago, people still ate the flesh of mammals, birds and fish”

“Gross !”

“ I think you’ll find some of the early TOFUATONS still have bovine, porcine and piscine flavourings which reminds me, your breakfast is ready”

“And booze and fags ?”

“Alcohol and tobacco were stimulants reserved for adults that brought about varying degrees of euphoria, sense of well being, confidence and unfortunately addiction.”

“Like the PLEASURTHON ?”

“You know the PLEASURTHON is strictly forbidden for anyone under the age of 21 and severe penalties will be………………………”

“Yeah, right !”

“Do you want me to download Onceopenatimeinthe70s.com to your memory ?”

“Nah, there’s enough crap in there already. I’ve still got my school history project to do. Delete it.”

“What are you studying”

“The Trumperica Empire, 2024 to 2032.”

“Have a good day at school. Corsilexa closing down.”