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blog update & request for help.

It’s been a significant wee week here at Once Upon a Time in The ’70s HQ!

Firstly, as you’ll see from the blog Home page, we have now exceeded 25,000 hits in the ten months since inception – and that’s with taking three months off during the summer.

More – whether it be just once, and by accident, Once Upon a Time in The ’70s has been viewed in over half of the world’s countries. Readers in Nepal, Togo and Macau have checked in at some point. Altogether, there have been hits from one hundred of the world’s one hundred and ninety-two countries.

Huge credit for this must go to all those who have submitted articles throughout this year. I don’t see any other website out there carrying such quality and fun material, so from Paul and myself, many, many thanks to you all for your support.

That goes for our loyal readers too. whose interest and enthusiasm has led to this milestone.

This week has also seen us welcome our 300th member to the Facebook Group. Unfortunately, there was a strict deadline for that number being achieved, and the prize has now been withdrawn. But let’s have a look at what you could have won …

(Never mind – there’s plenty on the blog that’ll keep you entertained.)

Thanks for the ever-increasing number of members go to all who have recommended the blog and ‘invited’ their personal Facebook friends to join the Group. Special mention though, to Catriona Cook and Mark Arbuckle, who have brought along a huge amount of members between them.

OUR CHRISTMAS WISH? We’d love this to be just the start. We want world domination – though we’d settle for more readers and contributors from around the world in the meantime. (***Cheese alert! This isn’t just Paul’s and my blog – it’s everyone’s. It exists for anyone to share their memories of a very special time in our lives. Together, we can conquer the world! )

** if you could, please Share any posts on the blog you enjoy. You can easily do this by clicking on the buttons under the small ‘Share this’ heading directly below the post.

** please continue to invite Facebook friends to the Group page. Simply click on the ‘Invite’ button to the right of the Facebook Group page, directly below the ‘Once Upon a Time in The ’70s’ banner. From there, you can select what friends you think may be interested in reading the blog. (The Facebook Group is key to Paul and I notifying people that a new blog post is available to read.)

**possibly the most effective means of supporting the blog: if you use TWITTER, please follow us @Once70s We Tweet more or less daily, certainly each time a new blog post is made, and it would be such a help spreading the word if these could be Re-Tweeted. Just one wee click, that’s all it takes, and the word of @Once70s is in front of hundreds more potential readers.

And that’s it.

I know at time of writing, there’s still three weeks to go, but my tree is up (unless the cats have brought it down again) and I’m skint … so it’s definitely beginning to feel a lot like Christmas.

I’m fairly confident there will be other Festive themed posts to come, so we’ll save the Greetings and stuff till later.

Meantime, stay safe, enjoy the build up … and get Tweeting. Please?