members can now post directly onto our facebook group.

When Paul and I started the blog around ten months ago, we took some time to gauge what would work, how best present the memories and how to organically grow the readership.

The intention has always been, and so remains, for the blog to be the focal point of sharing stories from The Seventies. However, there is also a case to offer ‘quick hit’ conversations centred around what we regard as the ‘Greatest Decade’ so the Facebook Group has now been reconfigured, allowing members to post nostalgia and memories direct.

We are keen to stay clear of the usual social media nonsense on politics and conspiracy theories etc, so we would ask everyone please to respect each other, keep posts light, fun, friendly, ’70s related and abide by the Group Rules which can be found on the page.

The Group remains ‘Private’ in that members are still required to be approved by the Administrators before joining, and of course only members are able to post.

Links to new blog posts will continue to be posted on the Facebook Group and of course, if anyone would like to expand on any conversation seen within the Group, then please don’t hesitate to message Paul or myself – details can be found on the Contact page.

As Buzby said: it’s good to talk.’

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