welcome to our new readers from the united states.

USA TODAY – map of United States of America.

A big welcome to all our new readers and blog subscribers from the United States!

Have you ever wondered what it was like in the UK during the 1970s? Did life differ much socially, culturally or even musically? (Well – we ALL know the answer to the last one, right?)

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Joking aside, life was different on opposing sides of the water. Regular contributor Andrea moved to the UK with her family as a young girl and spent the ’70s coming to terms with our alien accents and customs! Type ‘Andrea Grace Burn‘ into the ‘Search’ box and hit ‘enter’ to quickly find her hilarious and joyful accounts of surviving the trauma!

Well, dive right in! Our contributors offer personal perspectives on all aspects of living / growing up in the late ’60s and through the ’70s – tales from our school days; family life; music; fashions; play and social life; food; sport; comics ; books; tv and movies …. it’s all here at Once Upon a Time in The ’70s.

(March 2022)

10 thoughts on “welcome to our new readers from the united states.”

      1. I’m the “Vic” that showed up for Max’s post…short for Victoria. “Chris”, if you’ve wandered around my site, is Chris Thomas. My site is split between pages of Chris’s material & my blog.

        Max & I are very close in age. I’m a little older by a few months.

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      1. Heh. I’ve read the term “numpty” from a blogger in Yorkshire. Stuart has a UK #1 songs blog. He is in Scotland, somewhere. He is quite a bit younger than we are…born in the 80s, I think.

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