We Need Your Help, Please.

Please share our blog posts on Social Media. 🙂

Once Upon a Time in The ’70s was introduced to the blogging world at the start of 2021 … just twenty-six months ago.

Since then, there have been over three hundred posts published. Forty percent are music related, but the bulk cover ALL other aspects of growing up / living through the late ’60s and 1970s.

We are confident there is no other blog / website quite like it.

When we started work on it, both Paul and myself were adamant that we wanted the blog to be fun, light-hearted and most importantly, advert free; we wanted to create a ‘clean’ and clutter free reading experience for our visitors.

This remains our commitment.

However, the downside is that our means of promoting the site are severely restricted.

With over 66,000 hits so far, we know the site is pretty well received by those who come across it. However, there is a HUGE potential readership out there, completely unaware of our existence …. just look at the numbers on some of the ’70s related Facebook pages.

Once Upon a Time in The ’70s offers something different to all other pages and blogs we have seen, We just need to find a means of letting The World know we are here!

And this is where you, dear reader, can help, simply at the press of a button …. and maybe the odd wee word or two. 😉

Could we ask a favour of you? Could you please SHARE the posts you enjoy with your Social Media contacts?

This can be done by clicking on the Social Media icon(s) of your choice that appears at the bottom of each post.

Our Facebook Group is ‘Private’ and so posts there are unable to be shared.

However, we also have a Facebook PAGE, which is ‘Public.’ It carries the same post notifications as the GROUP. Posts on the PAGE may be shared by members, so if you Follow that PAGE you will be able to Share any content we post there.

The PAGE carries the Clockwork Orange type logo:

I hope that makes sense! You know what us ‘oldies’ are like with technology! (Oh! Right! So just me then? Apologies … it’s not my intention to try teach my Granny to suck eggs. 😀 )

Thanks for reading. We hope we can count on your help.



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