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In tribute to our lovely friend Andrea, who sadly passed away yesterday following a sudden and short illness, we re-post this piece from May 2021.

Andrea had a very individual style of writing and a wonderfully gentle sense of humour. You can read all her posts on Once Upon a Time in The ’70s by using the Search button and keying Andrea Grace Burn.
(R.I.P. Andrea)

Once Upon a Time in The '70s

(Post by Andrea Grace Burn of East Yorkshire )

Hawkins Wine Bar.

Having spent a good deal of my teens frequenting pubs around West Birmingham during the mid 1970s, itseemed perfectly natural to progress to working in them.My ambitions were to go on the stage but a girl has to make a living, right?

As soon as I left school in 1978, and with no particular place to go, I headed for an interview with a new wine bar that hadjust opened in the city centre – very upmarket! Harpersoccupied a large corner site near the police station and Accident and Emergency Hospital, so I figured I’d be safe walking late at night to catch the bus from outside the ‘Back ofRackham’s’.

(Rackham’s was an elegant department store occupying a whole city block on Corporation Street in Birmingham. Rumours abounded that ladies of a certain type frequented the pavements outside…

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